Automatic breadmaking line with moulding and rounding RheoPan


The machine range that is part of the RheoPan® System allows for production of a wide variery of products with different types of doughs, without stress, and with a very good precision in weights.

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  • The RheoPan® divider is the core of the RheoPan® System. Thanks to the dough ball weighing system and the automatic adjustment of the settings, this divider offers a high precision of work. For highly hydrated doughs as well as stiff doughs. It divides the dough in either 1 or 2 lanes of 8 or 16cms in width and the guillotine cuts the dough balls to the desired length. The RheoPan® Precision is also ideal for doughs with rye.
  • Horizontal moulder Armor MERAND equipped with the Alvéo+® lamination system to mould all dough types without stress. Of course this machine is very well adapted to mould nice baguettes.
  • If the production of balls is fairly important, it is possible to add to the line a special rounding module called the RheoPan® RotaBall. It is an ecccentric rounder and the various settings available to adjust the fitting strength means the dough balls are rounded without any stress for the dough, especially for highly hydrated doughs.