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EasyLine Tradition

EasyLine Tradition

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The automatic line EasyLine 1.5 can produce 1500 loaves or baguettes / hour, that is approximately 18000 loaves a day. 

On this line the automatic intermediate proofer is replaced by a small proofer EasyRest :

  • 1/ Automatic volumetric divider Softy with a pre-moulding system for an easier shaping.
  • 2/ The moulder (Armor or Tregor), with the possibility of by-passing  the first stretching, depending on the type of bread you want to mould.
  • 3/ A small intermediate proofer EasyRest to let the dough rest a bit. 
  • 4/ A reception belt for shaped dough pieces. Various accessories can complete this automatic line, such as the Pointop system for baguettes with pointed ends, or a calibration of the big dough pieces for the production of tin-bread, sandwich bread, big loaves.

  • Ease of use
  • Reliability
  • Labour time saving
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Higher quality and consistency than by hand