Eccentric rounder + By-pass

RheoPan RotaBall


Si la production de boules de pains est importante, il est possible de compléter la ligne en ajoutant le module de boulage RheoPan® RotaBall.

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  • For mass round loaf production the automatic bread line can be completed with a RheoPan® RotaBall rounding system.

  • Its eccentric rotation and the pressure intensity settings allow a fine, no stress dough rounding, very good results on highly hydrated doughs.

  • Dough weights from 200gr to 3000gr. Hourly output of approximately 1500 dough pieces/hour (for higher production, a second RheoPan® RotaBall can be added).

  • RheoPan® RotaBall fits perfectly to the RheoPan® System with a by-pass sending dough directly from the RheoPan® Precision divider to the RheoPan® Armor HV moulder for dough pieces with no rounding required.

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