Conical rounder

ConiBall Vario

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  • Conical rounder Coniball VARIO is recommended for pre-rounding various dough types such as rye bread dough, multi-cereal dough, hard dough and all type of breads which require rounding or moulding with little elongation. 

  • Its Teflon-coated canals and the cone prevent the dough from sticking.

  • Coniball VARIO has a production speed of approximately 3000 dough pieces/hour. The vario model has adjustable canals to allow greater weight amplitude (from 50gr to 1800 gr). The canal settings monitoring allows more possibilities and makes operators work a lot easier, therefore reducing mistake probabilities. It can be connected to an automatic divider to round dough pieces before loading them into the intermediate proofer.

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