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Proform DSI industrial Moulder


The Proform DSI moulder is an industrial moulder recommended especially for the shaping of baguettes or breads with a high hydration and a long fermentation in a tank.


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  • PROFORM DSI moulder is an industrial moulder recommended for moulding baguettes or breads with high hydration rate and long hopper fermentation. It is composed of :

  • Pre-lamination and lamination systems + first elongation, with calibration of PROFORM moulder's dough pieces

  • Restbelt with speed control to shorten/increase rest time before first moulding. Final elongation system, composed of 2 motorised belts with speed control and inversion of the belts rotation direction.

  • It allows great moulding flexibility to adapt to the most fragile dough types while optimizing elongation and respecting the airy structure of the dough.

  • It can produce up to 3000 dough pieces/hour in three shifts operations.

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