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Proform Industrial Moulder


Proform moulders feature the exclusive C2A (Assisted control of the elongation) system.

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  • PROFORM Moulder is equipped with exclusive system C2A (Monitored Elongation Control). Thanks to its 2 belts with speed control, it allows 3 process types according to which bread you wish to mould :

  • Bottom belt Off : For tradition or pointed ends baguettes (like moulder with fixed worktable)

  • Bottom belt moving backward : for very long baguettes, also useful for an optimized small breads slicing.

  • Bottom belt moving forward : for short breads, batard breads and other special breads...

  • Combined to the dough pieces centering device located between the proofing chamber and the moulder's feed belt, they are well adapted to the RollsCoup' system in case of small breads mass production (1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, 1/6 baguettes).

  • They are connected with a touch screen panel managing all settings, part of the hard disk will be allocated to save your recipes.

  • PROFORM moulder can produce up to 2500 dough pieces/hour for approximately 24 hours/day. To optimize production, PROFORM moulder can be linked to one of the automatic loading models or to a conveyor for instance.

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