Semi industrial moulder

Armor I Moulder


Thanks to 5 pre-laminating and laminating rolls the Armor I Moulder can produce 2000 dough pieces/hour during16 hours/day.

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The horizontal moulder ARMOR I is similar in terms of operation and respect of the dough to those manufactured by MERAND from 1954, at the beginning of mechanical shaping in France. With its lengthening on a fixed table, it reproduces manual shaping by avoiding to warm the dough. The lengthening in 2 steps will allow you to extend your baguettes to the desired length, without having to manually adjust them. The Armor I (for Industrial) can hold high daily rates thanks to its robust structure and mechanisms. Its fully-stainless steel casing and its thick sidewalls improve its lifespan, and are a guarantee of the factory settings upkeeping.

  • Up to 2000 dough pieces per hour (depending on weight and type of dough)
  • 4 selectors with pointers to set the rolling and the lengthen (more accurate and faster than a clamping screw)
  • Guarantee a very low noise level while operating
  • 2 lengthenings between a mat and a fixed table reproducing manual shaping
  • 7mm-thick felt for optimized shaping
  • Dough pieces weights from 50gr to 2000gr
  • 12 mm-aluminum flank to guarantee the maintenance of basic factory settings
  • Stainless steel casing
  • Pack Tradition including Alvéo + ® and Pointop®

+ Rolling system Alvéo + ® : roll with a honeycomb surface to prevent outgassing

+ Pointop® : accessory for pointed ends

+ Reinforced sprockets in case-hardened steel for an optimal life span

+ Stainless steel infeed belt for a better entry of the dough pieces in the rolling system

+ Motorized flouring before the first lengthen to avoid sticking and improve final aspect of the shaped dough pieces

+ Calibrated upper lengthen for a better regularity in the lengthen without tearing

+ 4 laminating rollers and one pre-rolling roller Alvéo + ® to preserve the alveolus structure of the crumb.

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