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Armor ABS Allonge + Moulder


The Armor ABS Allonge+ model, like the Armor ABS HV model, features a stainless steel body, a reinforced transmission and a belt conveyor.

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  • The ARMOR ABS moulders with fixed worktable are, in terms of process and dough respect, as reliable as those designed by Merand in 1954, at the beginning of baguettes' mechanic moulding in France.

  • Perfect for tradition and pointed ends baguettes moulding since they don't cause dough warm-up.

  • The Armor ABS Allonge Plus, as the ARMOR ABS HV model has a stainless steel body, a strengthened transmission system and a reception belt. It can process up to 1500 dough pieces/hour for 8-10 hours/day.

  • It is composed of a laminating system and pre-elongation system on the top with motorised belt.

  • This belt can be disengaged to mould short breads and reengaged for long baguettes and short breads slicing.

  • The RollsCoup' system can be added (optional) for ponctual small breads production.

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