Horizontal moulder

Armor ABS II Moulder

Façonneuse Armor MERAND

Perfect for shaping the traditional baguettes or the baguettes with pointed ends as these moulders do not cause dough heating. 

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  • The ARMOR ABS moulders with fixed worktable are, in terms of process and dough respect, as reliable as those designed by Merand in 1954, at the beginning of baguettes' mechanic moulding in France.

  • Perfect for tradition and pointed-ended baguettes moulding since they don't cause dough warm-up.

  • It can mould dough pieces from 50gr to 1500gr, with an output of about 1500 dough pieces/hour.

  • Accessories are available to provide a wide range of moulding possibilities, among them the patented system Pointop® for baguettes with pointed tips and also the short loaf guide.

  • The latter allows a fine control of bread length, even for big dough weights ( toast breads, rye breads, batard breads...)

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