Automatic intermediate proofer

Intermediate proofer Mecaform Industrie


La chambre de détente BA-RL complète la diviseuse bouleuse DSDR. 

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The MECAFORM Industry has all the characteristic advantages of the MERAND proofers (Nyltex pockets, welded stainless steel tube frame, ...), and gives real plus to minimize the operator interventions. The aim is to ensure higher work rates without interruptions. The MECAFORM Industry is the best proofer on MERAND semi-industrial lines for an increased productivity.

  • Mobile machine on wheels.
  • UV lamps for germicidal action with automatic timer.
  • Up to 609 useful pockets on biggest model
  • Loading selector of the number of pockets.
  • Maximum weight per pockets: up to 1200gr (depending on type of dough and number of pockets)
  • Automatic loading and emptying outward. For pre-rounded and pre-elongated dough pieces.
  • Speed ​​control: to adapt the speed of the exit belt at the work rate
  • Charger-dispatcher in "V"-shape, to not destructure the pre-lengthened dough pieces.

+ Covering in stainless steel panels for easy cleaning and maintenance of the machine.

+ Nyltex® Pockets for better hygiene and easy cleaning

+ Possibility to load one out of two pocket or frame  in order to reduce the resting time and avoid sticking of the hydrated doughs

+ Mechanically welded structure in 50x50mm stainless steel tubes for optimum rigidity of the frame.

+ Emptying with ""V"" realignment system: Allows a regular dough pieces flow, avoids doubles pieces in the moulder.

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