Intermediate proofer

Intermediate proofer Compact BMF


Contrairement au modèle PrimaDyna, dit   « dynamique », les modèles BMF sont des balancelles de type « statique ». Cela signifie que les pâtons restent dans la même poche entre le chargement et le vidage.


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  • The automatic intermediate proofer BMF COMPACT handles the pre-rounded dough pieces the same way as the PrimaDyna group does.

  • Contrary to the PrimaDyna model which is "dynamic", the BMF models belong to the "static" category.

  • That is to say the dough pieces will always be in the same tray from loading to emptying.

  • Therefore proofing and dough elongation are optimized. An automatic dough V-repartitor loads the dough pieces in the trays.

  • The  assembled tube structure in stainless steel 50x50mm grants strong reliability to its frame.

  • The clothing is made of DIBON panels to make cleaning and maintenance easier.  

  • In the BMF COMPACT version, the moulder is located inside the proofer (vertical or horizontal moulder are possible).

  • After emptying, a double transfer belt can be added to feed 2 machines (for instance a moulder and an eccentric rounder).

  • The pockets are made of Nyltex to provide better hygiene and make cleaning easier. Many versions available according to your requirements in terms of pocket quantities and maximum weight of dough pieces. 

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