Intermediate proofer

Intermediate proofer Compact PAGE


La version Compact PAGE MERAND est très peu encombrante puisque la façonneuse est à l'intérieur de la balancelle (façonneuse verticale seulement). 

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  • As with the manual proofer, the employee puts manually the dough pieces in the proofing chamber.

  • What's more is that this solution will allow huge time saving since the operator will not have to put them into the moulder.

  • The semi-automatic Intermediate Proofer will load them in the moulder as soon as the operator chooses to move forward to moulding.

  • The version Compact PAGE MERAND allows you to save space since the moulder will be located in the intermediate proofer (vertical moulder only).

  • Thanks to its Nyltex's gutters and also with its Hygiene Kit (UV Lamps + 2 Air extractors), MERAND's Intermediate Proofer helps you improve hygiene all along dough processing. You can also add a rounding workbench with a felt.

  • The semi-automatic Compact PAGE MERAND is the perfect solution for dough pieces resting since it makes elongation easier for baguettes and all kind of breads.

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