Divider-weigher No Stress

RheoPan Precision


The RheoPan divider is the core of the RheoPan System. Thanks to the dough ball weighing system and the automatic adjustment of the settings, the divider offers a high precision of work. For highly hydrated doughs as well as hard doughs.

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  • RheoPan Precision divider is the heart of RheoPan system.

  • Thanks to dough weighing and auto settings adjustment, it gives dividing a high precision, without any stress, for highly hydrated dough as well as hard dough.

  • Dough is divided into one or two bands of 15 or 7,5cm width, then a guillotine slices the dough pieces to the required length.

  • The divider is also recommended for rye bread dough division. Its maximum capacity is approximately 630kg/hour. Large weight range : from 75gr to 1350gr.

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