Divider-weigher No Stress

RheoPan Precision


The RheoPan divider is the core of the RheoPan System. Thanks to the dough ball weighing system and the automatic adjustment of the settings, the divider offers a high precision of work. For highly hydrated doughs as well as hard doughs.

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The divider RheoPan® Precision, is the core of RheoPan® line. It has a very good precision in weights for the division of the dough pieces thanks to a system of double weighing of the dough pieces and the automatic adjustment of settings. The system of division without stress allows it to manage highly hydrated dough or fermented, as well as hard doughs.

It can thus produce a very wide variety of breads depending on the modules installed.

  • Hopper capacity: 65, 85, or 145L, depending on the model.
  • Constant readjustment of the dough pieces weight cutting.
  • Very efficient lubrication system with adjustable speed.
  • Compressed air guillotine (air compressor not supplied).
  • Can work in 1, 2 or even 3 rows
  • Weight range: 50-2400gr, depending on the type of dough and Rheopan model
  • Control panel to store the settings for 50 recipes.
  • Integrated program to facilitate cleaning

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