Fat press


Ideal for pastries, to prepare dough blocks before lamination.

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  • Fat press Diva PAG Merand has a powerful hydraulic system to spread dough or fat properly.
  • The EasyDoors® opening system makes daily cleaning a lot easier since the operator needs no tools to reach the inside of the machine.
  • Easier to clean means better hygiene and also greater reliability.
  • Variopress® system included : the operator can change pressure according to dough type.
  • Fat Press Diva PAG MERAND (for butter or dough) allows to spread butter (or dough) in order to prepare dough pieces for pastry lamination.

  • Its strong design guarantees the MERAND Fat Press reliability.
  • Every detail is designed to provide confort, make it easy to clean and very respectful of dough.
  • Perfectly adapted for spreading dough and fat to form balls of 3 to 15kg.
  • Exclusive MERAND Systems can be added on the machine to fit extra requirements such as : APF®, Non Flour Spatter / FlourBox®, removable flourbox / Variopress®, pressure sensor according to dough type / EasyDoors®, safe and easy cleaning system without tools / FlexiTable®, foldable worktable.

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