Automatic loading on trays

Depose-I MERAND Automatic Loading System


Les déposes en ligne sont tout particulièrement adaptées pour une connexion (immédiate ou future) avec le système MecaRacks.


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  • The automatic "I"-loading system is recommended for (future or immediate) connection with Mecaracks system.

  • Empty trays are installed by the operator upstream of the moulder. Filled trays are collected on the other side.

  • This model includes a guide right after the slicing of baguettes into small breads (thanks to RollsCoup' system). Dough pieces are immediately put into trays so that they don't stick to each other.

  • The Mecaracks system (trolley loading/unloading system) automatically picks empty trays in the trolley to fill the line and loads them in an other trolley when they are fulfilled.

  • An adapted number of trays and trolleys is required as well as good maintenance standards to allow fluent process.

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