However, unlike many other bakeries, you have several shops to manage, and therefore your business has a different set of problems to face:


  • Quality and uniformity of your loaves in each of your shops
  • Disruption of the supply of bread in each shop
    Keeping down the number of unsold items in each shop
  • Logistics optimisation, deliveries of raw materials and your products from one shop to another...
  • Control and management of the use of all raw materials
  • Keeping tabs on the traceability of raw materials and bread
  • Staff management, recruitment of qualified personnel in each shop
  • Taking advantage of development opportunities, like looking for better locations, profitability and so on
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Usine Merand

MERAND, a specialist of manufacturing solutions and shaping dough, accompanies the development of artisan-entrepreneurs.
We are a family SME whose factory is based in Brittany and we have more than 60 years’ experience in the field. We are specialists in the manufacture of machines for the bakery (dividing-allowing to rise- shaping ...) and automatic lines.
These many years of experience, based on many installations in France and abroad but also in different types of bakeries (artisanal, semi- industrial ...), bring to our design office and our bakery advisers well- recognised expertise and assistance.


   Our know-how
Respect de pâtes   Versatility of the machines   Evolutivité
You are, above all master bakers, which implies most certainly, the desire to offer the best quality bread to your
Of course, you are interested in solutions that could allow you to optimize your manufacturing, but this should not be done at the expense of the quality of your loaves. This is the reason why MERAND has developed numerous patents and exclusive systems, in order to be able to work with the dough, even when it is very hydrated and needs a long fermentation time, while maintaining its honeycomb structure.
Here we have, for example, MF2S® (Shaping without Stress), and Alvéo+®, VarioPress®, ØStress® ...
  As an artisan-baker, making most of your sales in your own shops, as well as the quality of your bread, you must also offer a wide enough range to your customers. MERAND has always developed on its machines accessories or solutions to optimize the number of different products that you can make.
Here, for example, we can show you Pointop®, RollsCoup’®, the guide for short rolls or muffins, the RheoPan RotaBall By-Pass.
  More than in any other bakery, your company is in a continual state of change, as well as the number of your
shops. To support the expansion of artisan-entrepreneurs, MERAND designs its semi-automatic solutions or fully automatic, taking great care to make them upgradeable. Investments in this type of machinery have a very long life cycle. In the current context, it is very difficult to predict the future and especially the possible increase of your production volumes, and even of the range of your products. Our machines and lines have been designed to be completed as your needs evolve. We have to guarantee you that the investment you are making will not become obsolete after a few years. But we are also giving you the assurance of not overinvesting prematurely.


   Different types of organisation for the multi-chain bakeries


BREAD PRODUCTION ...                     ADVANTAGES                     DISADVANTAGES
Each bakery outlet makes loaves according to its needs. There is a bake house in each shop, with the equipment and the necessary staff.
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  • Possibility of having hot bread all day long
  • Important need of having a qualified staff.
  • Difficulty of having same quality everywhere.
  • High production costs (material, staff..).
  • Development of the network of shops is made more difficult, taking account of the surface
    area, costs, staff...
  • Traceability of raw materials and of more complex products.
There is a central workshop that performs the production of all the loaves including cooking for all of the shops.
Several times a day, there are deliveries to the shops.
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  • Limited production costs.
  • Uniformity of loaves at the points of sale.
  • Traceability of raw materials and products.
  • Less need for qualified production personnel,
    thanks to automation.
  • Reduction of problems related to the complexity
    of labour laws.
  • Less need for space in retail outlets.
  • Greater serenity in the face of increased production.
  • Low responsiveness to sales (shortage of breadand unsold products).
  • Cool shop, no smells (negative impact on sales).
  • Logistics to manage to make deliveries andreplenish stocks and to limit disruptions.
There is a central workshop that produces most of the loaves (including special types) cooked or precooked for the shops as well as blocks of dough. The dough blocks are delivered to shops that will divide and shape the dough (like traditional baguettes and sandwiches) and you cook as you go and as needed during the day. There is no kneading of dough in the shops (No need for bakers).
Bouton EN
  • Uniformity of loaves at the points of sale
  • Traceability of raw materials and products
  • Less need for qualified production personnel, thanks to automation.
  • Reduced problems related to the complexity of the labour legislation.
  • Less need for space in retail outlets).
  • Greater serenity in the face of increased production
  • Very high responsiveness to sales to limit disruptions of bread supplies during the day and the unsold items at the end of the day.
  • Continuous cooking in each shop to create a feeling of life in the shop, with fresh loaves, welcoming smells, and so on...
  • Fewer deliveries to the shops, as the blocks of dough give them great autonomy during the day.
  • Equipment must include a refrigerated truck to carry out the deliveries.
  • Training the sales team to do the baking.


   Expertise MERAND

Even if the production in each shop according to the «traditional method» (kneading, dividing, letting it rest, shaping, allowing it to rise in a controlled temperature, cooking) remains largely the same at the moment, it leads to a large number of disadvantages as mentioned above.

The solution for the future is in centralized production for some of products. Each shop will be equipped to work using blocks of dough where the rising process is slowed down. This offers among other things the advantage of facilitating the baking of bread throughout the day, and thereby limiting bread shortages during the day.

Given the ease of implementation, without qualified personnel, this solution will allow the shop staff to divide dough and shape the loaves according to the needs of each shop. This will contribute greatly to a reduction in the
number of unsold items at the end of the day.

Expertise Merand Mécapâte


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