Machines for dough processing like dividers, moulders or even automatic proofers have been designed to save time and bring comfort and productivity to bakers.

In the 1950's MERAND focused its core attention as a specialist manufacturer of dough processing machines.




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Our offer is comprehensive and well adapted to the needs of the various types of bakeries. It can be for an artisan bakery, bakery in supermarket or industrial bakery, MERAND offers a solution that combines artisan quality and improves productivity.

We broadened our skills in 2000 by adding scoring machines to our product range under the brand name Grigne Pains. The automatic scoring of dough pieces, between fermentation chamber and baking in ovens is added value for the MERAND range.




In the MERAND range, you will not find flour silos, water coolers, mixers or fermentation proofers, or even ovens. No rotary or deck ovens either. We have made the choice to concentrate on the machines between mixing and fermentation. This does not mean that we do not understand the whole process, including baking, even if this type of equipment is not what we specialize in.

We have considered that we offer more to bakers, including industrial bakeries, by concentrating our research & development and innovations on the dividing, moulding and resting of the dough pieces.

This is why you will discover the range of baking machines MERAND has is focused on hydraulic dividers, manual proofing chambers, intermediate proofers, moulders and rounders.  MERAND as specialist in dough processing, and has a wide range of specialist products to compliment this. Indeed we have developed automatic groups and lines for baguettes, small bread but also tin bread, batard bread etc




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Since 1954, our team is composed of technicians and bakers, who work together to design machines that are faithful to the values of the baking world.

  • Respect of the dough and the baking tradition
  • Innovation to offer more flexibility to our machines thanks to accessories for all types of bread in the world.
  • Modularity and upgradeability so that our machines and automatic lines can assist the development of the bakeries that are equipped with MERAND equipment.