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Complementary bakery-pastry specialists (Merand, Hengel, MAP, Maé, Hubert Cloix) created Alliance Fournil Concept  company with the objective to provide you with innovative, cost-effective turnkey solutions adapted to all production volumes. Alliance Fournil Concept assures complete (or partial) custom-made solutions that meet the needs of multi-shops, supermarkets, franchise chains and semi-industrials.

The ingredients and equipment are adapted to follow your recipes from A to Z.




Designer and manufacturer of bakery machines, specialist in the bread dough mechanization for more than 60 years.




Specialist in silicone moulds for industrials, baking trays for bread, pastries and biscuits, baking trolleys, bakery equipment and in the application of non-stick coating.




Designer and manufacturer of deep freezing, blast chilling, storage and retarder proving equipment for the bakeries and pastries for more than thirty years.




Manufacturer of ovens for bakeries & pastry shops, restaurants and pizzerias since 1958.



Designer of pastocuiseurs, ice pasteurizers, coolers, ice turbines et Combi-Ice™ (multifunction machine).


Each company puts its expertise and experience at the service of Alliance Fournil Concept to assure complete Bakery & Pastry projects.


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The Alliance Fournil Concept teams meet around the project, to offer their clients the best solution adapted to their needs and constraints.




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