Our organisation

The factory, production department and baking lab

We are based in Brittany, in the west of France, not far from Le Mont St Michel and St Malo. We are producing here the complete range of Merand machinery.

We are running tests on our machines before shipment. For example, our moulders are running for four hours to stabilize the belt.

A quality control made during each step of production process ensures customers to receive a machine in line with their expectations.

We leave at the disposal of our dealers, customers and prospects, our Baking Lab to test our machines with your own materials and own recipes (in particular the automatic lines).

This way the baker can use in real-life the equipment he is interested in.


Salon Europain 2018

Distribution network

Merand is present on bakery trade fairs :

International fairs :

  • EUROPAIN (France)
  • IBA (Germany)
  • IBIE (USA)
  • SIAB (Italy)

On national fairs, our machines are exposed in our dealers' booths :

  • MOBAC (Japan)
  • INTERSICOP (Spain)
  • RBA (USA)
  • BAKE (UK)
  • FITHEP (Argentina)

We are distributing our machines through dealers worldwide

We share more than 20 years of collaboration with some of our dealers. They take in charge the commercialization, the set up and the after sales support of our machines. Our salesmen, our engineers can assist them in particular for the automatic lines. Our team can help our dealers in the assistance of the final customer by studying the machines most convenient and affordable for him, recommending the best implementation of the machines in the room or for the set up. Our strategy of development is to sell our machines through a dealers' network.

In order to rise our sales for export, we let some services at your disposal:

  • To help them promote our products
  • Help them to choose the best machine adapted for customer's needs
  • Give the appropriate training to salesmen and technicians
  • Help the after sales department when doing the set up and technical interventions.