Single user scoring machine

Grigne Pains scoring machine


Le scarificateur Grigne Pains reproduit le geste ancestral du boulanger : la grigne des pâtons avant l'enfournement.

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  • Grigne Pains scoring machine imitates the ancestral baker's move : the scoring of breads before placing them into the oven.

  • Each Grigne Pains machine is  designed to match customer's needs in terms of pockets dimensions, number of scores on each bread... The scoring machine can perform obliqued / diagonal strokes for baguettes, 1/2 or 1/3 baguettes and also straight strokes for small breads.

  • Grigne Pains scoring machine is very easy to use and has a lot of advantages : good regularity and therefore nice breads, time saving since the machine can perform up to 1000 strokes/min with high regularity. 

  • Low qualified operators can be assigned to scoring, because the only human operation required is to put the dough trays in the machine. You can also combine the scoring machine with a conveyor or with a  Mecaracks system (trolley loading/unloading system).

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