Intermediate proofer

Intermediate proofer DynaProof


The PrimaDyna intermediate proofers allow dough to rest between division and shaping.

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  • The intermediate proofer PrimaDyna is a solution for the dough to rest between division and moulding.

  • The PrimaDyna range is composed of 8 models, depending on the number of pockets required (from 140 to 518).

  • In order to prevent the dough from sticking, especially for rye bread dough, the machine places each dough piece in a pocket. dough pieces will then be put in several different pockets during their way to the out belt. 

  • In option a double transfer belt that can be connected to 2 machines (for instance a moulder and an eccentric rounder).

  • The intermediate Proofer PrimaDyna can be connected to a volumetric weigher, conic rounder, moulder and also an eccentric rounder to mould the dough pieces.

  • Rest time control according to dough type. After proofing, dough pieces are emptied on a out feed belt to feed a moulder or (and) rounder.

  • This solution is recommended for dough pieces that don't require an important elongation.

  • Pockets are made of synthetic felt and proofer's frame in stainless steel. Many versions available according to your requirements in terms of pockets quantities and maximum weight of dough pieces. 

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