Diviseuses hydrauliques

Square Hydraulic Divider 20 divisions Diva


The Diva MERAND hydraulic divider with a square tank divides the dough into 20 equal sized dough pieces.

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  • The MERAND hydraulic 20 divisions-divider is standard equipped with individual dividing plates instead of mono-bloc division head.
  • In case of incident (for instance a tool such as a knife is left in the tank), the whole head system will not have to be replaced, only the broken individual dividing plate will be changed.
  • Thanks to pins, individual dividing plates are very easy to uninstall. It also saves a lot of time for cleaning and improves reliability and longevity of the machine.
  • The EasyDoors® opening system makes daily cleaning a lot easier since the operator needs no tools to reach the inside of the machine. Easier to clean means better hygiene and also greater reliability.
  • Variopress®  system included : the operator can change pressure according to dough type. Less pressure on gentle and fragile dough, more pressure on hard dough to help spreading and have very regular dough weights.
  • This divider can also be upgraded to become a divider-shaper MERAND.

  • Exclusive MERAND Systems can be added to fit extra requirements such as : APF®, Non Flour Spatter / FlourBox®, removable flourbox / Variopress®, pressure sensor according to dough type / EasyDoors®, safe and easy cleaning system without tools / FlexiTable®, foldable worktable.

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