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The experience of Merand for more than a half century in processing dough led to design a highly efficient moulder, even more when combined with no stress RheonPan® Precision divider. Horizontal moulder equipped with Alveo+ laminating system to mould all kind of dough without any stress. It can of course mould nice baguettes. Many optional accessories which make RheonPan®Armor HV moulder the most versatile/multi-purpose ever : 

  • Pointop® (pointed ends baguettes) 
  • Rollscoup'® (short breads auto slicing)
  • Short loaf guide (to easily mould the breads the length you want) 
  • Dough weight from 50gr to 1500gr
  • Production speed of approximately 1500 dough pieces/hour (other models, contact us)

To match your requirements, the RheonPan®Armor HV moulders can be replaced by other Merand moulder, Proform DSI for instance. Proform DSI allows higher production speed and is suitable for three-shift operations. This industrial moulder can plan a dough resting time between the 2 elongation steps (for more info, feel free to contact us).

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