Baking Lab

MERAND is a manufacturer in baking equipment, specialized in dividers, moulders, intermediate proofers, automatic groups and lines for all types of bread doughs.

We make machinery  and solutions to replace manual operations when these are not giving added value to the bread.

At our Baking Lab, we have some machines at the disposal of our customers and retailers to test any recipe on one of our solutions before confirming their investment.

Our Baking Lab is a precious tool to confirm feasibility of the product with the machine. MERAND's bakers and technicians are in charge of these demonstrations. We also organize demonstrations days on specified subjects.

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AqauPan Line 5000PolyCombi MERANDligne-automatique-pour-pâtes-fementees-sans-stress-sur-la-pate-MERAND-RheoPan-avec-façonnage