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The Stradivario: The outstanding tool for reconciling Tradition with the Future


The breadmaking method called "cold storage point" has been developed in France for about the last ten years. This method is in complete accord with the direction taken in the industry where bread quality and the Bakery Tradition are respected. To work using this method in bakeries, there is currently on the market a fully automatic machine and dividers and shapers designed on the basis of hydraulic dividers.

In order to offer bakeries the solution that combines all the benefits of the Divider-Shapers with a fully automatic version, MERAND is launching the Stradivario World First at SIRHA 2019.

The project was conducted in partnership with client users.


The objectives for this session were to :

1. Keep the advantages of the MERAND Atoupains AlveoForm system;

2. Reduce the number of manipulations to relieve operators and limit the risk of MSDs;

3. Allow parallel working during the machine's hidden time, so that the operator can for example bake his loaves while the machine works alone to divide and shape the next 10 baguettes.


Given the enthusiasm generated by the prototype presentations, it's a safe bet that the Stradivario will soon be a great success. Already some bakeries equipped with basic solutions, as well as others who have not yet jumped on the bandwagon, have held back until now, either because of the price of the fully automatic competing version, or by the excessive number of hand movements using Basic Dividers and Shapers.


In order to spice up the arrival of the Stradivario, MERAND is organising this Game with the new machine as a prize, limited to craft bakers and working bakery owners active at the time of the draw.

  Win the Stradivario


 During the Game, participants can win up to 7 entries. The winner will be selected by a draw on May 6, 2019.


  In order to participate in the Game:


1. Complete the contact form below, while accepting the rules of the game and the privacy policy regarding personal data. This gives you the right to 2 entries, which will be sent by email.  

2. Participants who have completed the contact form have the opportunity to win additional entries by sharing this page on social networks. Sharing on a social network equals 1 entry.  

3. To win 3 additional entries, come and see our machine at Sirha 2019 on our stand 4A128 and enter a contest (the conditions of the competition will be communicated on the stand).



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