PolyCombi from the Rolling Line range


At the Europain 2018 exhibition, MERAND, the specialist manufacturer of dough mechanization, will be expanding its Rolling Line range with the release of the PolyCombi production line. 

This is a 2-piston divider-rounder, coupled with a very versatile moulder. It makes it possible to produce a very wide range of loaves, like round or long rolls, burger buns, hot dog rolls, pizza bases, kebab and pitta bread. We can do different weights with a high level of accuracy.

The advantages of this line are:
-    Compactness, as it can be operated by one person
-    Ease of use and ergonomically designed
-    Easy to keep clean
-    Consistent weighing
-    It accepts different types of dough, like bread dough and brioche dough.

The touch screen makes it easy to adjust, memorize and control all the production parameters for each product. Thus, even unqualified staff can operate it.
PolyCombi is mainly intended for large hypermarkets, centralized production workshops and semi-industrial bakeries. The Rolling Line range also offers production lines for larger runs, with divider-rounders with 4/6/8 rows to produce up to 10,000 pieces per hour.

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