Many patents and inventions show the MERAND's innovation

Alvéo+®, Rollscoup®, Pointop®, AlvéoForm®, VarioPress®, Nyltex®... Merand's innovation has been demonstrated with numerous patents and inventions. Daily, our engineers are working with bakers to create new products and to adapt machines with the evolution of baker's needs.

Our job is to create machines that will make bakers earning time, improving productivity, expanding the range of breads, while respecting the quality of the dough.



   Trophées de l'innovation



Trophée d'innovation Trophée Europain



To reconcile the requirements  a priori contradictory (productivity/respect of the dough and bakery traditions) we emphasise the importance of R&D. We collaborate with bakers partners to finalize the development of our creations and we have our own baker and baking lab at our facilities.

  • Merand has been rewarded many times with the "Trophées de l'Innovation" at Europain fair all over its history.