Due to fierce competition, including chains and bakery franchises, your business faces multiple challenges:


  • Quality and uniformity of your loaves
  • Management of bread shortages and keeping down the number of unsold goods
  • Need of reliable, robust equipment, sound mechanically and of adequate dimensions to accept high volumes and production turnover.
  • Manpower and time management, recruitment and training of qualified personnel
  • Work safety, respect for employees’ working conditions
  • Control and management of the use of all raw materials
  • Keeping tabs on the traceability of raw materials and products.
  • Optimization of your development (cost reduction, profitability, ...)
  • Compliance with production standards, available space, own premises
  • Reduction of muscular and backbone problems
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Usine Merand

With its 60 years of experience in the field of dough mechanization, MERAND equips and supports the development of mass retailers around the world, whether it is the independent brands like Leclerc, Système U, Intermarché, or centralized stores like Auchan and the Casino Group.

We offer turn-key solutions that meet the specific needs of large and medium-sized retailers, namely to produce large quantities, improve productivity, expand the range of loaves whilst ensuring good bread quality.

In our premises in the heart of Brittany, we have built a Baking Lab for all of our supermarket clients who want to discover the production lines that will meet their expectations. Specialized R&D engineers and bakery advisers are there to advise you on the machines and automatic lines best suited to your constraints, and they will guide you at every step of the way to design the most effective project.


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If you have a supermarket, this surely implies the desire to offer a wide range of bread quality to your customers which matches up to any craft bakery, while offering the products at a competitive price. Today you must also reconcile reduction in production costs
with an increase in the quality and uniformity of the loaves to cope with the increasingly fierce competition.
This is the reason why MERAND has developed numerous patents and exclusive systems, in order to be able to work with the dough, even when it is very hydrated and needs a long fermentation time, while maintaining its honeycomb structure. Here we have, for example, MF2S® (Shaping without Stress), and Alvéo+®, VarioPress®, ØStress® ...
  As a supermarket, realizing the essential value of your sales in your own stores, over and above the quality of your loaves, you must also offer a wide range to your customers.
MERAND has always developed on its machines accessories or solutions to optimize the number of different products that you can make. Here, for example, we can show you Pointop®,
RollsCoup’®, the guide for short rolls or muffins, the RheoPan RotaBall By-Pass. Despite our wish to offer solutions offering the most opportunities, we must take into account the simplification of use by different operators. That’s why our bakery advisers carefully analyse your range and production volumes to offer you optimal solutions and meet your needs.
  With the acquisition of new customers, supermarkets will have to be able to ensure large volumes of production in order to meet the increase in bread consumption volumes. It is for this reason, and also in order to go along with the urge for supermarkets to expand, that we are designing semi-automatic and automatic solutions, by taking a particular care to make them upgradeable. Investments in this type of machinery have a very long life cycle. In the current context, it is very difficult to predict the future and especially the possible increase of your production volumes, and even of the range of your products. Our machines and lines have been designed to be completed as your needs evolve. We have to guarantee you that the investment you are making will not become obsolete after a few years. But we are also giving you the assurance of not overinvesting prematurely..


   Different types of organisation for supermarket bakeries


BREAD PRODUCTION ...                     ADVANTAGES                     DISADVANTAGES
The all-flour stores have a whole bread making line to ensure the complete manufacturing cycle.
  • The counter is organised for customer flow, allowing the baking staff to offer the maximum amount of fresh bread throughout the day
  • Quality control of loaves
  • Traceability of raw materials and products
  • Great autonomy in bread production
  • Manufacturing costs contributing to greater profitability
  • More flexibility in production, less supplier dependence
  • Need of qualified personnel
  • Need of more space available to install the
    production line
  • Early morning work
  • More complex commodity management
  • More stringent hygiene standards
  • Major investments in equipment
The cooking terminals provide only part of the bread making process at the point of sale: frozen dough must be processed on the spot, frozen raw dough pieces, pre-cooked fresh or frozen dough pieces, and then, the actual baking of the loaves...
  • Time between the end of the product’s manufacture and its sale is reduced to a minimum
  • Less need for qualified personnel
  • Simplified staff management
  • Great autonomy and fresh loaves all day long
  • Bread baking can be done in small batches
  • Very high responsiveness to sales which cuts out bread shortages in the day and reduces the amount of unsold items at the end of the day
  • No night work
  • Production facilitates an increase in the product range
  • Continuous cooking allows fresh bread to be produced, attracting the customers by the good smell of hot bread ...
  • Energy savings, limited production costs
  • Training the sales team to do the baking.
  • Traceability of raw materials and more complex products
  • Higher logistics and storage costs of the dough
  • Product purchase price is higher
  • Less control of the quality of the loaves
  • Heavy workload to offer hot bread at all times and manage the store


   Expertise MERAND

Supermarkets have relatively large bread production volumes and these products result in more and more outreaching to customers in stores, by promoting innovative solutions, both in terms of quality, choice and customer services.

Retailers and managers in the bakery and patisserie department have to deal with a large turn-over, staff who are not always highly qualified and significant production peaks during weekends in particular.

These reasons make it essential to have a range of machines and production lines:

  • Simple to use
  • Easy maintenance, robust.
  • Versatile, to take into account a range of loaves, which is increasingly important;
  • Taking care of the different types of dough, because customer expectation regarding quality is increasing all the time.
  • Upgradeable, to adapt to the needs of tomorrow without calling into question the whole investment.
  • Studies done to reduce and limit back and spinal problems, which cause many work stoppages.

As a specialist in the mechanization of bread dough, MERAND works constantly, especially with its R&D teams and bakery advisers to provide solutions that take into account these requirements..

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